By Victoria Gill

Elm Staff Writer

Washington College is counting down to the on-air debut of its student-led radio station, Radio Free George (RFG).

“The goal for this semester is to get together our team and hopefully start broadcasting the end of this semester or begin- ning of the next,” said sophomore Jacklyn Russo, RFG’s station manager.

RFG is an online radio station run by and for students. After taking student surveys, they plan to broadcast what the student population wants to hear.

“Students need RFG to connect across campus and I would love to make everyone know that they have something to listen to,” Russo said.

RFG’s goals for this semester consist of auditioning and hiring a new staff to get on the air.

The anticipated air date is still to be determined. The team aims for it to be as soon as possible once staff has been picked. Cast staff members will then be assigned segments to solidify their position and ensure enjoyment in presentation.

Auditions will be held on March 3, 4, and 5 from 6-8 p.m. in the Hynson Faculty Lounge. Students are encouraged to arrive early for any of their time slots as they will be required to fill out a form and read from a script. More information can be found on their Instagram page @radiofreegeorge.

“It’s always been interesting to me in how you prepare to be on air, how to be entertaining and captivate audiences with only your voice, and how the behind the scenes process works,” said junior Jilly Horaneck, talent manager of the station.

Horaneck was able to learn more about radio last semester while taking a Studio Recording Methods class. There, she worked with new music-recording technology and programs that professionals use.

According to Horaneck, she wants to bring excitement to RFG’s future Disc Jockeys and their WC peers.

“Radio kind of gets a bad rap as a dying medium. Every- one’s on Spotify, or Pandora, or SoundCloud. They’re streaming stuff,” Horaneck said.

The RFG station is located in the faculty lounge of Hynson. The team uses this space as the headquarters for the station.

Horaneck said that RFG wants this area “to feel like a second home to people.”

“Whether people turn it on and listen while they are walking through campus, doing homework or whatever other activities they are up to, I really think it will add this sort of new layer to campus,” Horaneck said.

“I think there is something for everyone with Radio Free George. Our campus has diverse interests that this will be represented on air,” Horaneck said. “A lot of what is on the radio is part of people’s identities, or else they wouldn’t tune in.”

According to Horaneck, this will be another way for students to bond on campus.

“They can find another group of people who enjoy the same things they do and know it’s going to be there for them,” Horaneck said.

RFG will also give students the opportunity for learning in this sector of the entertainment industry. They will be able to obtain background knowledge and add to their college experience.

In the Nov. 15, 2018 issue of The Elm, Dr. Kozma, assistant professor of communications and media studies, said that this radio allows students to become interested in other avenues, such as debating, podcasting, interviewing, and media journalism in a specific place set to stretch their creative imaginations.

“Personally, I want to prove a point that if someone tells you no, instead of moping and being sad, you can go out and prove that person wrong and create something brand new. Something you can be proud of. Something I can look back on in a few years and say to myself, ‘Wow, look at what we did. We did that,’” Horaneck said.

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