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With spring just around the corner, the members of Cleopatra’s Sisters are getting a head start on the warm weather by spreading love, respect, and dedication through their Petals of Appreciation fundraiser.

The fundraiser was held in coordination with Women’s History Month in March and was designed to raise appreciation for women across campus, according to senior Fatimata Kane, club president.

“Students can take part by buying a rose or carnation attached to an inspirational quote to give to any woman whether it be a friend, faculty, or staff member to appreciate them for [both] International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month,” Kane said.

Cleopatra’s Sisters, according to the Washington College website, was founded based on the following qualities: “sisterhood, respect, unity, peace, patience, pride and love,” providing the female students of the college with “a support group for women of different cultures, and that focuses on the issues that they face in society.”

“This fundraiser is meant to show an appreciation for women on campus whose work and efforts to help students and the community often goes unnoticed,” said junior Jiruwak Tolessa, vice president.

Club members manned a table in Hodson Hall from Feb. 20 to March 4, where students were able to purchase roses for five dollars and carnations for three dollars. At the end of the fundraiser on March 4, the flowers were delivered to their recipients.

 “The flowers are sent with a quote for endurance, unity, love, sisterhood, patience, or respect by the sender to people that really made a difference in that individual’s life,” said club member and junior Stephaney Wilson.

“Women around campus do a lot for us, whether or not we know or even acknowledge it. The overall goal of this fundraiser is to show how thankful we are for those women, and how they act as positive role models for us,” Tolessa said.

The members of Cleopatra’s Sisters hoped that students across campus would not only participate in the fundraiser, but also to come to respect its purpose.

“I hope students can see it as more than a fundraiser and as a chance to show admiration to important women in their lives here on campus,” Kane said. “This fundraiser is a chance to show women that their hard work has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate them for everything that they do.”

The members hoped that the success of this fundraiser would help students appreciate not only women around the campus and in the community, but all women who impact their lives.

“We need to remember the vital roles women play in our lives and how they make us want to be better role models for other women. We want to take the time to appreciate the women around us who make a positive impact on society, especially during the times we live in,” freshman club member Ama Anaponsah said.

According to Wilson, appreciation can also lead to a sense of empowerment for flower recipients.

“We hope to facilitate a spread of sense of love and kindness around to everyone. Another thing that we hope to accomplish is empowerment for women across campus, by receiving a flower or a quote we hoped to make women feel more appreciated and able to take on the world,” she said.

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