By Amanda Gabriel

Senior Writer

As spring break approaches, so do midterms, and your motivation to complete assignments may be dwindling.

Exams can be stressful, but you don’t have to let them sap all of your resolution. If you find yourself struggling before packing those bags, keep these tips in mind:

Take care of yourself. Finding time to relax or to take a moment for yourself can seem impossible when schedules become hectic.

It’s important to stay moving, eat well, and get the right amount of sleep. To keep your endorphins (a proven mood-booster) running high, go for a quick walk around campus.

Also, pick up a multivitamin from the drug- store to take with your meals, because studies show that the majority of college students are vitamin deficient.

If your brain doesn’t have enough nutrients, it can’t function properly—especially not after all those late night cramming sessions.

Think positively. Although the power of positivity may seem cliché, positive thinking can increase your odds of success.

Many people associate long study sessions with pain, tears, and suffering, yet the process doesn’t always have to be so grueling. Instead of telling yourself that you have to study to get a good grade, think instead: “I will study for this exam and I will get a good grade.”

Take it a step further by adding a  goal to the end of your sentence: “I will study for this exam and I will get a good grade so that I can graduate.” Whatever your goals may be, reminding yourself of the long term can help you achieve in the short term.

Schedule a tutor session with the Office of Academic Skills. Setting a specific time to study on your own can easily be pushed back by procrastination, other obligations, or more exciting activities.

To stop this from happening, set a  time with an OAS tutor to study. Not only will this require accountability, but it will also give you the opportunity to try new study techniques with an expert in the field.

Best of all, the services OAS provides are free, so why not give them a try?

Get up early to start your day. Instead of staying up into the early hours of the morning only to wake up and lay in bed until the last possible minute, rearrange your schedule.

Set your alarm to get up early, and instead of snoozing or scrolling through your phone, get up to put on a nice outfit and eat a good breakfast. You’ll definitely feel more confident and have way more energy with a proper sleep schedule.

When thinking about your spring break plans, keep in mind that midterms come first.

It can be easy to overlook them due to lack of motivation, especially as an upperclassman.

Practicing these suggestions may help you overcome the dreaded exam week.

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