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edited.SGADebate3_HeberGuerra-RecinosBy Erica Quinones

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Student politicians declared their platforms on Thursday, Feb. 28 at the Student Government Association Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate.

There were three candidates, two for vice-president and one for president. The vice-president candidates were Secretary of Social Life junior Caitlyn Creasy and SGA member junior Brook Yimer. The unopposed presidential candidate was current Parliamentarian, junior Nick Gottemoller. Associate Professor of Business Management Dr. Michael Harvey moderated the event.

The debate was structured so that Creasy and Yimer were asked four prepared questions before being joined by

Gottemoller for three general prepared questions. Then, the debate opened to audience queries.

The vice-presidential questions dealt primarily with club improvement regarding gauging participation, new resources, and club recognition.

Both Creasy and Yimer focused on club collaboration and marketing as tools for increased membership and student participation. However, they differed on tracking attendance and club recognition methods.

Regarding attendance tracking, both focused on the Presence app, which is currently used to record attendance.

Creasy said that tracking attendance is important and should be required for clubs to receive budgeting and permission to hold events. However, because the app became difficult to use after clubs’ executive boards change, she believes there must be an easier way to report attendance.

Yimer opposed this. He said that Presence has helpful features, but “a lot of clubs don’t actually know what Presence is.” Thus, he suggested a Presence workshop for club presidents.

The other contentious question was on club recognition.

Creasy supports annual awards to incentivize club expansion because “recognizing students’ passions is an incredibly powerful way to connect students to their campus.”

Yimer said that if one club wins an award every year, it may cause apathy. Instead, he suggested they market club events, recognize club collaboration, and encourage inactive clubs, so that each club is recognized individually.

The fourth vice-presidential debate question pertained to character.

Yimer said that he is a goal-oriented leader with a “hunger for success, hunger for hard work, and hunger to strive for better.” But more than just goals, he also values and wants to be a leader who listens to the student body.

Creasy also said she is a leader with goals, who wants to support the student body and is willing to try everything once. However, she also discussed not knowing her own limitations and needing others who respect her enough to approach her with concerns.

Gottemoller said he wants to be an understanding leader who both knows the limitations of his coworkers and how best to utilize them. He also said he wants to be a president who does not overlook the needs and wants of students.

He said that he would not be a politician, but rather “a public servant … here to serve the approximately 1400 students” on campus.

The student questions were diverse, focusing on club advisors, club social media, and international student representation and integration.

After the debate, current SGA President Victoria Cline encouraged students to talk to candidates now and after the election.

“The only way I know things are happening is if students talk to me about them,” Cline said.

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