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I mean, it’s a pretty hot-button issue right now. I think we all can admit that “Captain Marvel” was pretty intense with that U.S. Air Force worship.

Many critics and viewers have already pointed out how the promotional tour leading up to the film was an uneasy cross between “girl power” rhetoric and military recruitment tactics.

This is a frankly disturbing cross-branding that we should seriously take a good look at as responsible consumers of media.

Anyway, here’s my Carol Danvers/Valkyrie fanfic, hope you enjoy.

(Author’s note: To be fair, I’ve never seen “Thor: Ragnarok” but I have seen Tessa Thompson, and you know what? That’s kind of the same thing, I feel like.)

Category: F/F. Tags: Coffee Shop AU, Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort.

When Carol and Valkyrie’s eyes first met, it was as if a bolt of lightning had passed between them—no, it was exactly and literally that, because Thor was there and he was rooting for them. (AN: Did I mention Thor is there?)

Anyway, Carol could sense right away that the woman across the room who looked a lot like Tessa Thompson was…“an alcoholic and somewhat sadistic, although this masked her PTSD and unattainable hope of running away from her problems and memories.”

Yeah, Carol knew everything about her from a single glance (at her Wikipedia description.)

Valkyrie walked up to the counter. “Hey, can I get a…whiskey sour?”

Carol squinted at her. “This is a Starbucks.”

“I don’t know what that is,” Valkyrie said. “I’m from space.”

Carol gasped. “Oh…me, too. I was in space, too.”

Their eyes met meaningfully again across the Starbucks counter and this time the electricity that passed between them was like, 100% metaphorical.

A man standing in line behind Valkyrie scoffed. “Is this a slowburn fic? Wrap it up already.”

Thor punched the man through a window in the name of Gay Rights.

A single tear rolled down Valkyrie’s cheek. “Aren’t we all…from outer space.” Carol didn’t understand, so she elaborated: “You know…on the inside.”

Carol nodded. “Yeah. You’re right. I was hit with the blast of an alien energy core, which imbued my      once-mortal body with unimaginable power.”

“Oh, neat,” Valkyrie said.

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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it