New club sport, “The Game,” takes campus by storm

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With the end of March Madness fast approaching, Washington College students were looking for a new game to play to distract themselves from the virus of lethargic boredom sweeping across Chestertown—and they’ve found it.

“It is called ‘The Game’,” said Michelle ‘Mickey’ Jordan, the club founder and co-president of the WC chapter. “There’s no other way to describe it, as it has a whole bunch of common American sports mashed together to increase the fun factor of one single sports game.”

To begin “The Game,” students must aim, shoot, and hit the back of the hoop board thingamadoozle to determine the team that goes first.

Once that has been decided, the team enters a series of tournament-style competitions, where the team with the most goals, home runs, and touchdowns triumphs.

Rounds of the games include drawing hopscotch squares with a fencing sword, tossing water balloons and beach balls through a series of flaming hula hoops, and playing the international version of football with an actual American football.

Other potential rounds of the sport include a mini-ping pong competition with actual large tennis racquets (a mini/oversized court of tennis, if you will), and tossing boomerangs through a giant pair of yellow poles on a striped field (which is much more difficult than it looks).

To add to the game’s spontaneity, rounds are regularly determined by playing a type of Mad Libs, where referees select field size, equipment, and rules from slips of paper in a baseball hat.

“It’s extremely complicated, even for us. It’s how we grow to love and appreciate the power of ‘The Game,’” Matt U. Ryan, inventor of “The Game,” said.

The Game has been an instant hit at WC, whose team, the Dementors, will be competing against other schools for the first time this spring.

“I’ve actually met a lot of new people and friends through this strange and exciting new program,” Jordan said. “I think it’s the complete lack of knowledge and interest in actual sports that binds us together in this insane madness.”

There is no prior athletic experience or requirements needed to participate, as Ryan explains, although he warns that this doesn’t mean “The Game” is easy.

“Students want a sport that is easy to learn with little to no athletic experience, but that’s not all that they get here. If anything, it’s even harder than most competitive sports like chess or checkers—but it is a great way to get to know others that share a similar disinterest,” Ryan said.

Interested students should visit the club’s page at the Johnson Fitness Center Website under the tab “Club Sports.”

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