New SGA class officers elected

edited.DestinyHarrisHeadshot_HeberGuerra-Recinosedited.MasonDrummey_RebeccaKanaskieBy Erica Quinones

Elm Staff Writer

  The class officers for the 2019-2020 school year were announced last week.

On Friday, April 18, the Student Government Association held class officer elections. After a day of voting, Washington College’s rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores selected their representatives.

The Class of 2020 reelected their incumbents, president Drew Berry, vice president Will Hewitt, treasurer Adrienne Chase, and secretary Kanya Radford. This team, which has worked together since their freshman year, is prepared to face their senior year together.

“Senior year is tough, that’s no secret. Alongside the team that I have had since freshman year I know we can provide events and support to our fellow class members to ease some of the stress and burdens of this difficult year,” Hewitt said.

The 2020 class officers are currently looking toward more destress events to ease senior year, planning their senior gift, and working to, as Chase said, “make senior year one to remember.”

In addition to their focus on the experiences of the rising seniors, the 2020 class officers are excited for a new amendment which allows class officers to serve as senators.

Chase said this will give them “the opportunity to get more involved with the SGA” and thus the experiences of the student body.

While the 2020 officers have been a stable group since 2016, the Class of 2021’s seats are currently largely unfilled. The only seat filled was that of the president, newcomer Destiny Harris. According to the SGA’s Director of Communications and Marketing, freshman Sarah Collins, the remaining Class of 2021 seats are in the process of being filled. The SGA emailed all rising juniors on Thursday, April 18 requesting new applicants by Monday, April 22. Harris will appoint each seat from the applicants.

Despite Harris being alone in her class’s office, she looks towards unity in her class and the WC community.

Harris said she “will emphasize the importance of honoring the values of Washington College in order to create an ideal learning community. Additionally, I will encourage more students to engagement in the Chestertown community.”

Mason Drummey, newly elected president of the Class of 2022, held similar notions about improving his class’s experience.

“My goal as class president is to continue to improve the experience of my constituents here at the school,” said Drummey. “I also hope to create and run more events for the class and the student body as a whole.”

Drummey is serving alongside, vice president Lizzie Craig, treasurer Eric Botti, and secretary Sean Curry.

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