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In recent years, the athletic department at Washington College has worked to enlarge and better our athletics by adding a plethora of sports such, as recent as 2018, when the Trap and Skeet Team was added.

For years there has been gossip and feeble rumors of an addition of some of the major, mainstream sports the College has been missing from within the Conference such as men’s volleyball, football, or wrestling.

Finally, after long deliberation and debate between the members of the athletic department and financial advisors to the College, the WC Athletic Department is proud to present its first-ever track team.

The team will have its first season in the spring of 2020 and tryouts will begin almost an entire year in advance in May 2019.

However, due to low funding from the Athey Fund and the allocation of all funds to the men’s lacrosse team year after year, the track team will only function on a trial basis.

Starting in the spring 2019, they will be allowed to practice whenever they please, however, they will only be allocated one day of competition per year.

Thankfully, this will be a home meet so all will be able to witness the first-ever track and field competition at WC.

May 1, 2020 will mark the first-ever track competition and will take place on the campus green, yet again as a result of low funding and inability to extend the existing three-lane track to regulation size.

Therefore, instead of using the track surrounding Kibler Field, the runners will be competing around the John S. Toll Science Center, where a temporary track will be installed.

Due to the overall popularity of the day and large student participation, the College is anxious to see its large student section come out to support the athletics program and their newest addition. “A track meet on May Day was probably one of the most economically feasible and intelligent decisions this institution has made in a while, said Athletic Director, Shaq. “We save money on a permanent regulation track, equipment, locker rooms, and even uniforms.”

If you wish to join the track team, tryouts will be held this coming May Day of 2019 at midnight on the campus green.  Please make sure you report to the George Washington statue 15 minutes before tryout time to stretch and ensure that you have a safe and healthy tryout.

Additionally, please make sure to find future track coach sophomore Alden Chase Lentz and register yourself as a participant of the try outs as to ensure that you are not lost among the flood of naked runners.

Good luck to all and welcome to the WC track team. Be safe, and bring a blanket.

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