Pet of the Week: Classie

IMG_2730By Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

Patience, as they say, is a virtue. For some, it’s self-preservation. Sometimes you get stuck, and it can take a lot of guts to hang tight and hold your ground while you wait for what you need to come your way. Classie, this week’s Pet of the Week, knows this well. 

Classie has been at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County longer than any other resident. This week will mark a year since her former family gave her up, citing lack of time to care properly for her. However, the long wait has not broken this fiery girl’s spirit.

A black mouth cur and American Staffordshire Terrier mix, Classie is filled with an unquenchable zest for life. Whether it’s going for a walk, meeting new people, or playing fetch, she brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything she does.

Though she’s five now, Classie has the energy and disposition of a puppy who has never known hurt. If she overshoots a tossed ball and rolls like a Jeep on a sharp turn, she pops back up with the tenacity of a bobber. She’s a stunner, too, with a flawless ginger coat, white chest shield, and iconic black muzzle. Her leanly muscular build hearkens to her cur breed’s hunting and herding skills.

All this energy means Classie would likely implode if she lived anywhere with a yard smaller than, say, the state of Delaware.

According to the ACSKC’s Volunteer, Education and Outreach Coordinator JP Hooker, Classie would thrive in an active family and would make a fantastic running or hiking partner.

Classie is also quite smart and would appreciate frequent new adventures, especially in her beloved outdoors. As if she couldn’t be more of a catch, Classie loves people and is friendly with dogs. She would be happy solo or with a canine playmate in her forever home.

This beautiful girl has lots of life ahead of her, and she is so excited to charge toward it with her endless curiosity and constant happiness just to be here on Earth. Despite the long wait, Classie has stayed true to her name, and will continue to do so until the people who may follow her into the wild find her.

If you’re interested in adopting Classie, you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the  Animal Care Shelter of Kent County at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, or call at 410-778-3648.

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