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On Tuesday, April 2 and Saturday, April 6, the Shorewomen softball team opened the month of April with some Centennial Conference action.

Even though they did not get the results they wanted, the Shorewomen continued to battle on until the end of the games.

On Tuesday, the Shorewomen traveled to Haverford, Penn. to play against Haverford College in one of the first Centennial Conference games. Then, on Saturday, they hosted Dickinson College for some more Centennial Conference action.

The Shorewomen had a tough task at hand when playing at the Fords.

In the first game of the double header, he Shorewomen lost 10-2 in six innings. The Shorewomen were shut out until the fifth inning.

In the second game, the Shorewomen were able to make a comeback and end the game in a 4-4 tie with five innings played.

Scoring-wise this game was more evenly matched. At least one point was scored in every inning in this game.

“Our strategy will always be to out hit our opponents and play solid defense,” sophomore outfielder Brittany Walker said. “We have a strong squad capable of hanging with the teams in our Conference. If we follow this strategy, we will be successful.”

On Saturday’s game, the Shorewomen hosted Dickinson College in what was another difficult Centennial Conference game.

In game one, they lost 6-0, and in the second game they lost 2-0 to the Red Devils.

Both games were played using all seven innings. In game one, the Shorewomen were completely shutout and unable to respond to Dickinson.

However, in game two, Dickinson scored their only two points in the first inning and then were unable to score anymore points as the Shorewomen were able to get back in their rhythm from Tuesday’s 4-4 tying score game.

“Our strategy was to be aggressive at the plate and on the bases,” Head Coach Lacey Lister said.

The softball team will play again on Saturday, April 13 at home versus Muhlenberg College. They will play at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

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