Swag on campus to increase by 100 percent this fall

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Fellow students, prepare to rejoice, for Goose Nation will be welcoming a friendly—and famous— face to the flock: recording artist, dancer, internet personality, and Chestertown native Yvng Swag.

In an exclusive interview with A Tree, Swag announced his decision to enroll as a member of Washington College’s Class of 2023.

A man of few words, Swag evoked the metaphor of feeling “at home” as so many students do, aptly capturing his feelings for the town and campus.

“I love the campus and it’s the home base for me,” he said.

Born in Chestertown in 1999 and known by his given name, Tyshawn Johnson, Swag began dancing hip-hop at just 8 years old. In his teenage years, Swag gained internet fame through Vine, YouTube, and Instagram, according to his artist’s bio on AllMusic.

His 2016 video, “Big Green Tractor Remix,” in which he infuses his signature trap style into a country jam, was re-tweeted by Justin Bieber.

One year later, Swag was signed to Atlantic Records with the assistance of his manager, Nick Cannon, and released his debut EP “32 Teeth” in November of that year.

While it may seem remarkable that Swag is willing to take a hiatus from his upward trajectory, he was inevitably drawn to WC.

According to Swag, it all began when the WC Admissions Instagram page re-posted a video of him dancing at various locations on campus, including the library terrace, in Martha Washington Square, Daly Hall, and in front of Casey Academic Center.

“We are so lucky to call @yvngswag one of our favorite locals. We don’t always dance around campus, but when we do, we channel this kind of energy,” the caption reads.

Feeling honored by this shout-out, Swag decided to size up the energy and dancing ability of students at this year’s Birthday Ball.

Sophomore Michael Hershey had the pleasure of witnessing Swag’s moves first-hand.

“I guess you could say we had a dance-off. We were throwing down some sick moves together. Now that he’s coming here, I hope we get the chance to collab,” Hershey said.

Swag won’t be sacrificing his passions in pursuit of his college diploma, as he hopes to build upon his burgeoning music career during his time as a student.

Planning to declare his music major as soon as possible, Swag wants to experiment with musical sounds, vocal techniques, and electronic music.

The Department of Music is already prepared to reserve Decker Auditorium for his senior recital in anticipation of the large turnout.

According to Swag, he also hopes to get involved with Dance Club and Radio Free George, where he plans to audition to host his own segment about achieving fame at a young age.

The campus is more than ready to welcome Swag home and is anticipating their “claim to fame” as Swag’s alma mater. The Wikipedia list of notable Washington College alumni has been updated to list Yvng Swag as the most notable arts and entertainment graduate, topping actress Linda Hamilton of “The Terminator” fame.

When asked during an interview with CelebMix in 2017 to recall the best piece of advice he’d ever been given, Swag responded, “Stay Humble, Focused and to Finish school and never forget those who helped you along your journey to success.”

It appears Swag will be taking this advice to heart by finishing out his education at our very own WC.

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