Pets of the week: Shadow and Baby

unnamed-2unnamed-1By Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

As anyone who is not an only child may tell you, having a sibling can be a double-edged adventure of epic proportions. Shadow and Baby, this week’s Pets of the Week, have been on this adventure with each other for a while now. 

Shadow and Baby are two nine-year old cats who have been at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County for a few months, after their previous owner surrendered them.

According to the ACSKC’s Volunteer, Education and Outreach Coordinator JP Hooker, this brother-sister pair is not bonded, but would love to be adopted into a home together. Luckily, they both have similar criteria.

Shadow and Baby would be happiest in a low-energy environment, either as the sole felines or with other cats who share their laid-back attitudes. They complement each other in the way that siblings often do: Baby is social and loves human attention, and appreciates cuddles and contact. Her brother is more reserved, and will enjoy affection up to a point.

Though getting up there in years, Shadow and Baby still have all the beauty of their youth. Shadow’s name suits him well. A Russian Blue, his sleek silver-grey coat blends and catches the light like that of a magical forest creature. Baby is picture-perfect with her white calico pattern and long, soft fur that inspires images of lazy days spent lapping up the sunlight. Both cats radiate the poise and wisdom that comes with years spent well. 

Shadow and Baby have been waiting side by side for their respective forever homes, or for a family who will take both of them in for double the love. They have watched each other’s tails for a while now, and hopefully soon they will need to no longer, or will be able to spend the rest of their days gracing a home together.

If you’re interested in adopting Shadow and/or Baby, you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the Animal Care Shelter of at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, or call at 410-778-3648.

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