Stalking Safety PSA

An incident of stalking was reported on Sept. 2 on campus and recorded in the Sept. 26 issue of The Elm. 

Stalking is defined as engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific individual that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety, the safety of others, or suffer substantial emotional distress, according to the Department of Justice.

This incident has been occurring since the start of the fall semester.

“[It] was a case where both individuals knew each other. Some actions or behaviors from one person made the other person uncomfortable,” Director of the Department of Public Safety Brandon McFayden.

The recently reported case did not rise to the level of criminal prosecution.

If any student is the victim of a stalker, there are protective orders and charges that can be filed with the Chestertown Police Department.

“Public Safety works with the local police and States’ Attorney’s Office to ensure the student’s safety,” McFayden said. “We are available 24/7 if anyone has any concerns about someone’s behavior.”

If any student perceives a problem or is uncomfortable with someone else’s behavior towards them, it can be helpful to have a frank conversation with them, according to McFayden.

“Let them know what behavior is troubling or annoying to you, and ask them to stop,” McFayden said.

If the problem persists or you are not comfortable with having the conversation, you can reach out to an RA or Area Coordinator to assist you.

“These types of incidents can often be diffused with a simple discussion, letting the offender know they are bothering you. Of course, if you still need additional assistance, you can call Public Safety for help,” McFayden said.

Public Safety can be reached at 410-778-7810.

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