Trump causes stir at G-7, affecting the appearance of this nation

By Olivia Montes

Elm Staff Writer

The weekend of August 24th, the 45th annual G-7 Summit took place in Biarritz, France, reuniting the involved nations including the United States, and countries in the European Union.

Several discussions concerned ongoing problems worldwide: North Korea, the U.S.’s proposed purchase of Greenland and attempts to restrict gun ownership and misuse, all while trying to avoid a major economic recession back on American soil.

Cut to the end where the President of the United States pushed for the 2020 G-7 Summit to take place at the eponymous resort Trump Doral in Florida, therefore completing the normalization of his ever-growing corruption of the United States government.

The Group of Seven Summit originally a Group of Eight until Russia’s exclusion in 2014 was founded for world leaders to come together in a therapeutic, neutral environment, calmly shooting ideas back and forth to problems plaguing our world. It is a united force for good, where global leaders temporarily put aside their differences and find economic, environmental, and civil solutions to make our world a better, healthier place for future generations.

Under Trump’s guidance, however, virtually nothing has been accomplished. His massive ego, posing as demanding cries of “America First,” allows him to put his own wants above other countries and people, believing that the only solution to these problems is to have other countries clean up America’s messes for him.

Over the course of his presidency, Trump has managed to spiral every international moment back to himself or rather in his mind, back to America to promote all the tremendous progress that has been made possible under his leadership.

He claims today’s economic performance, according to The Wall Street Journal, has “never been better” despite the piled-up drops in the Wall Street markets over the past summer season. According to The Washington Post, his tweets earlier this month boast that “nobody’s been tougher” on handling Russia than him, and how “there’s never been a President” like him when it comes to gun legislation.

But, as this year’s summit has proved, Trump has handled foreign policy the way he has handled times of crisis back home: poorly and unprofessionally.

He slid his way into the Oval Office and the G-7 Summit as he once did on The Apprentice: by hurling out an endless list of insults mashed together with unrealistic demands to his subordinates, only to then swivel back around his cushioned-seat throne and bluntly proclaim his tried-and-true backstabbing verbal technique when challenges to solutions approached his level of power: “You’re fired.”

He has nearly thrown out every political ally, both on national grounds and across oceans, by the seat of their pants, and endlessly degrades those who have stepped forward against his domineering rule.

With an even more controversial background in negotiation strategies, Trump has managed to prove that virtually anyone can just barge right into a room full of highly-classified, well-respected world leaders, spewing out an insane amount of demands without attempting to form any direct plans as to how and when these demands will, if they ever will, be met. He called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “great leader” in his handling of the Hong Kong protests this past month, seemingly ready to begin the negotiation process between the two nations; less than a few hours later, he confirmed the tariff war on China would be inevitable.

He even proclaimed that he would allow Russian President Valdimir Putin back to the summit despite his earlier comments.

With all these misguided strategies, outdated business ethics and twisted betrayals, Trump has managed to turn this entire summit into what sums up his entire term as President: a one-man show where everything is about him, himself, or himself again or, how he puts it, America, America, and more America.

“Sorry, that’s just the way I negotiate,” Trump said while confronting reporters during a press conference this past Monday in response to his performance, according to Politico foreign policy reporter Gabby Orr.

“It has done very well for me over the years; it’s doing even better for the country,” he said.

It is because of this unethical behavior and inability to converse with or understand other world-renowned and respected leaders that the summit itself is failing miserably.

“When you look at [this year’s summit], listen to the news conferences and observe the leaders up close, you can’t escape the conclusion that this G-7 summit was a boondoggle of immense proportions and a failure even when judged by its own meager criteria,” Josh Rogin of The Washington Post wrote Thursday the 28th. “Blame for the summit’s failure lies with Trump. His press availabilities were downright cringe-worthy, filled with falsehoods, attacks on former President Barack Obama, kind words about dictators and generally poor command of several foreign policy issues.”

With his spoiled experience once again warping his sense of morality, Trump has managed to make promises to both the American people and global citizens he doesn’t intend to keep for very long. He has not even accomplished any of his 2016 campaign promises, unless you count firing a record number of his own cabinet members and White House correspondents an accomplishment and is taking credit when national success is reached, stealing the spotlight from those responsible for stepping up when he backed down to preserve what’s left of his political reputation.

He mistakes this process as being a permanent, logical method that can only make sense to him, and spirals further into financial, social, and international chaos.

“Now, is that based on fact or based on gut? It’s based on gut,” Trump claimed Monday the 26th during yet another press conference, according to Josh Dawsey of The Washington Post. “Maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t. I say it all the time about everything.”

At this rate, in times of crisis, Trump will continue to turn to this 50-50 gamble of a mindset and could destroy the entire country, and the entire world, in his wake.

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