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Not pictured: Kayla Kyle, Lifestyle Editor and Allison Billmire, Copy Editor

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  1. Dear Emma, Catalina and Molly —

    I sent all of you emails on Monday, but then it occurred to me that you may not check your washcoll email address on a regular basis. So, below is the content of the email I sent. Thanks!.

    I am Kay King, the relatively new director of the Global Education Office. Brooke Schultz was kind enough to come over to interview me recently for a piece in The Elm. That prompted me to realize that there are some interesting things going on at GEO that you might want to cover in The Elm. The first is International Education Week, which is this week (postponed from November when the campus shut down). It is being organized by Tori Venable (Class of 2016) with the help of Theresa Capule, the Assistant Director of GEO and other staff and students. I am attaching a schedule of the planned activities. And I want to flag the fact that the Dining Hall is deeply involved in International Education week as Don and his team are working with students to feature dishes of different nations during each day of the week. Information on the international cuisine that will be served is included in the attached schedule.

    Also of interest to the college, two GEO staff (Alex Levy ’15 and Theresa Capule) attended an advocacy program on Capitol Hill in DC last week, sponsored by NAFSA. They met with local area House and Senate staff members to stress the importance of international education programs. If you would like to learn more, I know that Alex and Theresa would be happy to talk with you about it. I attach a photo of the two of them outside the Dirksen Building in case you would like to use it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or want more information.



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