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Brooke Schultz | Editor-in-Chief &

Abby Wargo | News Editor

Rosalea Alger | Opinion Editor

Jack Despeaux | Student Life Editor

Daniel Teano | Lifestyle Editor

Sophie Garbiec | Sports Editor

MacKenzie Brady | Photography Editor

Savannah Masterson | Social Media Editor

Caroline Harvey | Copy Editor

Amy Rohn | Copy Editor

Gabrielle Rente | Copy Editor

Benjamin Fizer | Business Manager


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  1. I don’t know who wrote the article about staff changes but there is misinformation in there about me. Second whomever posted it and circulated it on Linked In, that is not okay. It’s not okay to publicly tell people where I moved and now work without my permission. And third in all the writing about turnover, I’m hoping someone interviewed the president, the board, or the folks who left about the reason for for leaving or several staff members including a campus culture ridiculed with discrimination as it pertains to race and gender. I hope someone asked if it was really a coincidence that half the Black administration left in one semester. Ask about the email that was sent to staff and faculty outlining the treatment of historically underrepresented populations. Interview clubs like the BSU and Cleopatra’s Sisters about their loss of advisors. Publish and circulate that story. And on a basic level- fact check.

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