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Writers, photographers, editors, and lovers-of-news: This page is for you. Below are some really helpful links and tip sheets on everything from reporting to copy editing to journalism job hunting. Enjoy!

The Essentials

The Manual: This is The Elm’s bible. Read it. Know it. Love it.

The Journalist’s Toolbox: Hands down one of the best resources you can ever have. It has pages on everything from news writing to copy editing.

The Society of Professional Journalists: The masters. We actually follow their code of ethics, so check it out!

Tip Sheets


What is news?

Story ideas



News writing 101

Meeting coverage







English Grammar: Can’t hurt to brush up a little on your style skills.

Charles Apple: A great blog about media design.

Basics of Photojournalism: Great skills to have, even if you have no intention of ever picking up a camera.

The Grammar Guide: Another blog, this one about the awesomeness that is copy editing.

The American Copy Editors Society: Like AP Style? Have you even heard of AP Style? If you haven’t, click the link. Now.

Newsroom 101: More style quizzes. Go.

Cub Reporters: A job and internship guide for rookies.

Journalism Jobs: THE place to go if you’re job hunting.

The Student Press Law Center: Info on ethics and media law just for college journalists. This has beautiful tutorial videos on inDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. The Elm has an account, so talk to your editor if you’re interested!

Chronicle of Higher Education: A great place to snag story ideas.

The Associated Collegiate Press: The Elm has a membership. They have great resources on college journalism and law.

New York Times reporting tips: A simple, basic how-to guide for rookies.

In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it