Volume 70, Issue 3
September 18, 1998

Honor society accepts applications for fall semester

Kelly Cooper

The Society of Junior Fellows of Washington College is looking for interested members for the fall semester 1998. The deadline for applications is Monday, September 21, 1998.

The Society of Junior Fellows is an honor society that is eligible to all upperclassmen that have at least completed two semesters at Washington College, has demonstrated leadership qualities in extra-curricular activities in the past, and has a cumulitive grade point average of 3.5 or greater.

Along with recognizing the great scholars and leaders they have, the program will continue to finance independent research conducted by its members and to suppliment internship pay. They will also, just as they did last year, bring onto campus a wide assortment of speakers ranging from a variety of different topics.

To all of those interested, students must write a letter of introduction expressing their interests, involvments and what they plan to do with the membership. Also attatched must be a reccomendation from the department chair of that students major field.

Both letters should be duplicated ten times (one for each of the members of the advisory board to review) and sent to the Curator, Dr. Davy H. McCall, 333 William Smith Hall by September twenty-first.