Volume 70, Issue 25
April 30, 1999

Society of Junior Fellows creates web page

Paula Persoleo

The Society of Junior Fellows is an organization for underclass students who have excelled academically and have become active participants in the service of Washington College.

Unfortunately, few students at Washington College are aware of its existence. Two of its newest members, Matt Chambers and Ajit Bharwani, have decided to increase the number of students aware of the organization by creating a web page. The page contains club information such as a leadership and membership register, membership requirements, society goals, minutes from the previous meeting, and information on writing grant proposals.

Although Bharwani was recently elected as chairman of the publicity committee, he and Chambers were not asked to create the page. "The web site was a collaborative idea between Ajit and myself," said Chambers. "The site is a product of our own initiative."

"I feel that being a part of Junior Fellows enables students with great opportunities to do additional research projects," commented Bharwani. "The only problem with this society in the past is that not very many people knew about it. That is why I plan to increase the presence, visibility, and voice of the society."

Bharwani is very interested in developing research opportunities, especially for newer members. "In the future," he said, "we will work on students who do research through the society to make a web page giving information about what they learned.... I feel that their experiences should be heard by everyone. That way, others who get to know about what this person was able to accomplish through Junior Fellows can also be encouraged to pursue research projects."

One step taken to promote greater member interaction was to involve as many people as possible in the executive board. In doing so, those members would be encouraged to participate more fully in various projects.

The completion of the site was reached in approximately three hours. The design was created with Adobe PageMill, the graphics with Adobe PhotoShop, and the animated gifs with GifBuilder. It can be found online at http://sjf.washcoll.edu.