Volume 71, Issue 18
February 18, 2000

Seniors inaugurate campaign to finance gift of G.W. bust

Simon Best

There is one thing of which this year's Senior Class is definitely not guilty: running a low-profile campaign to raise money for its class gift. The now famous (or maybe even infamous) George Washington head has been sitting in the CAC for the past week, dressed up for Valentines Day to promote the Senior Campaign. The head is also due to make an appearance at Birthday Ball on Saturday.

In the past weeks the seniors have being selling Valentines Cards, delivered with a lollipop, backed by the slogan "Give a little head this Valentine's Day."

Meghan Noone, head of the Senior Campaign, described the slogan as "a fun marketing strategy" which has certainly attracted attention. Although Noone says that the College "told the seniors that they should give the head as their gift," the class wanted its gift to be different and memorable. "All other classes give plaques," Noone said, adding "The seniors want the head to be a symbol of tradition and integrate it into the campus."

Given earlier controversy over the purchase of the bust in the first place, Noone said, "I realized that it would be a difficult campaign to raise money for," and as a result decided to use a suggestive play on words in order to raise the profile of the campaign and make it fun.

Although the strategy was decided upon by a consensus of the class officers, it is Noone who is masterminding the campaign and is responsible for the slogans. The campaign has not, however, been free of criticism: although "witty" and "imaginative" were two responses from students to last week's campaign, there have been some complaints that the slogans are "tasteless." According to Noone these responses "have mostly come from faculty," although she stresses that "We have also received positive feedback from some faculty.

"Generally speaking as many people like it as don't," was Noone's overall assessment. She stresses, "The class is making a impact on the campus and making the head a known tradition throughout the college." Running alongside the Valentines cards have been themed t-shirts bearing a silhouette of the head and a similar slogan. However, according to Noone's assessment, this part of the campaign has not been profitable, although this was partly because of a delay in getting the shirts.

Although there is "still some way to go" in terms of the campaign Noone stresses the success of both the cards and other, past campaigns. She also stated that the seniors are glad that they are raising school spirit, which she describes as being as important as the gift itself, but mentioned that "The head is being noticed as the class gift rather than a weather vane or a plaque."

The Seniors intend for the head to appear at events for the rest of the semester. He will be appropriately dressed for each occasion by a committee headed by Elena Agapaloglou. Noone explained the reasoning behind this, stating that "by promoting our bust and dressing it up we thought we could make some money." Noone reminded students to "look out for the head at Birthday Ball. After all, it is George's birthday we are celebrating."

In addition to the gift campaign and burying a time capsule the seniors are preparing for senior week. "The college is doing one," Noone stated, "but we wanted to have a separate one for the senior class." Although no speaker has yet been confirmed for this year's commencement, Noone stated that the current plans for Senior Week involved "lots of parties" and "The possibility of a beach trip."

Also, the senior class was contemplating getting involved in a Habitat for Humanity service project during Senior week. However class president Mariah Stump said that, although she thought the service project "would be a nice gesture and change of pace from the parties," it's viability "depends on the response from the class." Stump also commented on the ongoing search for a commencement speaker, "Since our top fivechoices have either declined our offers or already committed to other schools, we had to re-poll the class. The new list is currently being tabulated."