Volume 71, Issue 20
March 3, 2000

Professor from Cork, Ireland visits W.C.

Pete Anderson

Professor Colbert Kearney addresses a class he visited on Wednesday afternoon.
Photo by Wayles Wilson.

This week, Washington College was host to writer and professor Colbert Kearney, who traveled from University College Cork in Ireland to talk with Washington College students.

Professor Kearney attended several classes to offer his advice, and also met with students interested in writing and in the new exchange program with UCC.

In addition he gave a talk regarding legendary Irish poet William Butler Yeats, entitled "Yeats and The Present Imperfect" on Thursday in the Sophie Kerr room.

While attending Professor Robert Mooney's advanced creative writing class on Wednesday, Kearney spoke a little about himself and his career.

He has published two novels in his career as a writer. When a student asked if he was continuing to write, he responded, "That's like asking a junkie 'Will you be doing this next week as well?' ... There's no choice in writing."

He spoke about the differences in writing earlier in his life as opposed to now. "Writing was like coming out of the closet; maybe you'd hint to people that you wrote." His comments drew laughs from the class.

Kearney later spoke with students interested in Study Abroad in the Spanish house. His comments came with perfect timing, as applications for Fall Study Abroad programs are due on March 15. Not only is that only a week and a half away, but the date falls in the middle of W.C.'s spring break, so students need to get their applications in as soon as possible.