Volume 72, Issue 2
September 15, 2000

Society of Junior Fellows looks for promising students
Academic Honor Society provides grants for students

Tara Wagner

The Society of Junior Fellows is a renown academic honor society designed to encourage leadership, character, and the exchange of ideas among WC's finest scholars.

Applications are being accepted now for membership into this prestigious organization.

"The Society allows WC students to come together and share their experiences, improving the WC community and making the educational value of a WC degree just that much better!" explained Seth Gabriel, Student President of the society.

To become a member of the Society of Junior Fellows, each student must be enrolled in their third semester of their college career, have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or better, have made Dean's List status at least once prior to applying, and must be an active participant in student activities, off-campus projects and organizations, and any other college or high school activities.

Students must also be in good standing with the Washington College Honor Code and must obtain two recommendations: one from a faculty advisor and one from a separate faculty member whom they've had as an instructor.

Once a student becomes a member of the Society of Junior Fellows, they are eligible to receive grants to fund research, internships, and other independent studies.

"This Society is one of the most important societies on campus which funds students to do what they want to do and enlighten others through their experience," said member Maliha Hashmi.

"This society has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons to places and projects I could have never imagined doing had I not been given the grant by the Society," she continued. "This society is an excellent opportunity for eager individuals to finally try out the experience they have been waiting eagerly to have but couldn't fulfill due to financial reasons.

"I was given a grant to do research and work at a hospital in Saudi Arabia on blood disorders. It was an extremely enlightening experience."

All activities funded by the Society of Junior Fellows must be completed before graduation in order to ensure proper feedback by the individual to the other members and to the campus community as a whole. Therefore, second semester seniors are generally not eligible to receive funding from the organization.

All members wishing to apply for grants from the Society must complete a grant proposal application that will be reviewed by the Advisory Council.

Members interested in submitting a grant proposal must stop by the office of Bette Lucas, Faculty Secretary, in 224 William Smith Hall to obtain specific guidelines for proposals and financial assistance from the Society.

It is important to note that all applicants for grants from the Society must be able to compensate for any money that the Society is unable to provide. Upon application, members must indicate potential supplemental sources of financial aid and the likelihood of obtaining such finances.

Membership applications and grant proposals will be reviewed shortly after submission by the Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council consists of the Associate Dean, the Associate Dean of Students, three faculty members (one from each division), the Curator, Dr. J David Newell, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, and the student President of the Society.

All who are interested in joining the Society of Junior Fellows and are eligible according to the above guidelines should obtain application forms from Lucas in 224 William Smith Hall.

Completed application forms must be returned to her by October 6. Also, any grant proposal applications must be returned to Lucas by November 10.

The Society of Junior Fellows has done much to help its members fulfill their dreams and aspirations by providing funding for such projects and internships that would otherwise be impossible.

"I would like to stress just how important and positive the Society really is," said Gabriel. "The Society made it possible for me to intern in New Delhi, India this summer.

"This internship has given me a renewed direct in life - one of government service. Just think how many lives the Society of Junior Fellows has enriched!"