Volume 73, Issue 1
September 7, 2001

Senior Maliha Hashmi featured in Glamour

Allison Burk

Glamour magazine has recently named Washington College senior Maliha Hashmi as one of the nation's Top 20 College Women.

Hashmi was chosen as one of the finalists based on her outstanding resume, transcript, interview and essay that she submitted to the magazine staff.

Awards for the contest, limited to the top 10 women chosen, included $1,000, a trip to New York City, a makeover session and the opportunity to meet any famous person that they choose.

Unfortunately, Hashmi was not chosen as one of the Top 10, although she did place in the top 15.

"I didn't do it alone, it was the school backing me up," Hashmi described.

As a pre-med student, Hashmi has been very active on and off campus. She is majoring in biology, with a double minor in chemistry and psychology.

In her four years here at WC, Hashmi has volunteered all over the country and world, participating in summer internships in Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Hashmi credits these experiences to the Society of Junior Fellows and Dr. David Newell.

The Society of Junior Fellows, headed by Newell, funded over half of Hashmi's internships, which she otherwise would not have been able to participate.

Dr. Kate Verville, a biology professor and coordinator of the WC Pre-Medical Program, also had a large influence in Hashmi's education.

Hashmi said Verville "has got to be the best person for the job ... she's been really, really supportive of me during the whole process, and it's not just me, but every student that she has kept in touch with."

Verville responded, "She is an amazing, outgoing person. She has a personality that sparkles. I think that really matters; I think that she just will have a great impact on society in general.

She'll be a person who expects the best from herself, gets the best from herself, but then always, always gives to others."

Hashmi chose Washington College because of the working relationship between professors and students.

"College shapes you, not only as a student. It's through my professors that I am where I am ... I think professors shape you, in every sense of the word," Hashmi said.

In addition, Hashmi feels that the Writing Center is one of the most valuable places at WC, but is overlooked here: "Ever since I got here, I think that my writing has improved ... and it's because of the Writing Center."

Hashmi in general has an excellent opinion of WC and its role in helping her reach her future goals.

"I think more people should know about this college and that there should be more propaganda about this college. This college is like a hidden jewel."