Volume 73, Issue 10
November 9, 2001

Stop Kiss promises to leave audiences breathless

Danielle Porter

Today marks the date that Rebecca Oot's senior thesis, Stop Kiss, opens at 8 p.m. in Tawes Theatre. A second show will also be on Saturday.

"I must have read 50 different shows trying to find one I liked. This one jumped out at me on the shelf because of its bright pink cover. After the first few pages, I knew this was the show I had to do," said Oot.

Stop Kiss is a one-act play written by Diana Son, and deals with the aspects of love in friendship and romance between two friends, Callie (senior Susan Mya-San) and Sara (junior Laura Schoen) in New York.

The show begins at the possible end of their relationship, and explores their pasts to that point: a criminal incident has occurred that changed their lives and could alter their relationship forever.

"Stop Kiss is an amazing show. It deals with a topic that is rarely dealt with on campus - yet something that everybody experiences - it's about falling in love and taking the chance to fall in love - to listen to your heart and stop swerving," Schoen commented.

She added, "With two girls, there can be an uneasiness (especially when we kiss), but it also makes it so much more real, truthful and wonderful! You fall in love with them and you want their relationship to work despite all the hardships that they face."

Despite the obvious dramatic nature of the production, the cast has found humor during rehearsals.

Schoen said, "Most of the time we would say a line, and it gets taken the wrong way and everyone just busted up laughing. I have a pet cat in the play and it was great when I used a real one once !"

Said Oot, "Preparing a thesis takes a lot of time and energy. I love directing, but it is so much more challenging than just acting. It's multi-dimensional: you have to organize blocking, lighting and your acting peers as well to make a successful show."

She added, "I'm very lucky because my cast is incredible. Everyone has been committed to this show."

Sophomore Tom Clancy (Detective Cole) said, "This has been one of my favorite shows to work on since I started here. In working with Becky, I have realized that my character is much more three-dimensional than I originally thought."

He continued, "Just until about six days ago I was really bad with my lines and I wasn't feeling very comfortable with where my part had ended up, but now I feel as though everything is coming into place and that we have the makings of a great show."

Clancy further commented, "I have already been floored by how far the show has come since we started and I can't wait to see what an audience thinks of what we have done."

Mya-San said, "The show has some great moments between characters. It's hard to describe ... it's just amazing in a lot of ways. You have to see the play to really understand what I mean."

"It's so much more than two girls kissing on stage. Stop Kiss is love, heartache and believing in yourself and the one you love ... that for once you won't let anything get in your way," summarized Schoen.