Volume 74, Issue 10
November 8, 2002

WC Students do their part to serve humankind

Rachel Mauro

Amidst the goings-on at Washington College, Best Buddies, Hands Out, Habitat for Humanity and Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) work side by side with such clubs as Writer's Union and Cleopatra's Daughters.

These groups are a part of Washington College's service clubs, formed for the purpose of going out to aid the community.

And though other Washington College students and faculty may be caught up in the bustle of their own lives, these four clubs have been a vivacious part of the community for this first semester of the 2002-2003 school year.

"Vinny Antonio and I are co-presidents of Best Buddies," Sophomore, Courtney Kurtz said. Describing the club as reaching out one-on-one to mentally disabled people in the community, she continued, "So far we have had one activity, a Bon Voyage party for the buddies in the student center. That went really well and there was a big turnout."

SEA has also been successful in its endeavors so far this year.

President and Sophomore, Adrienne Nash, explained that they "worked with Representative Gilchrest, Eastern Shore, Maryland House Rep., and had him work with the House to pass HR 5200, a good bill to help protect wild land in Nevada."

Nash also said that SEA has participated in the club fairs, as well as helped out at the Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge, the Chester River Fire Association, Chestertown Halloween parade and recycling and anti-liter programs on campus, concluding, "We want to promote community relations with our group this year along with campus campaigns."

And Senior, Jennie Corwell, President of Hands Out, said that the club recently put together the Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods activity, where on Halloween, students "trick-or-treated" for food to donate to charity.

Sophomore, Jennifer Lanigan, President of Habitat for Humanity, spoke of future plans for the club. "Habitat this year is assisting with building a house in Easton during the month of November," she said, and "this spring we will be taking our annual 'Alternative Spring Break.' We are unsure still where we will be heading most likely somewhere down south."

Kurtz and Best Buddies are also planning an event for this month; in this case, a bowling trip. "We try to do at least 2 activities a semester with the buddies," she explained. "This year we're going to have at least one fund raiser too."

Nash provided with a date for a future event of SEA: Tuesday, November 12 8:30 PM in the Service House, a presentation by Oceana. "Oceana is a non-profit environmental group dedicated to protecting the world's oceans," Nash said. "The speaker will be Bill Brawner, an alumni of WAC."

And Corwell concluded that Hands Out is "doing the adopt a family for Christmas, where we purchase presents for WC staff members children or grandchildren."

Should anyone be interested in joining these service clubs, contact Courtney Kurtz, Adrienne Nash, Jennie Corwell or Jennifer Lanigan, or keep an eye on email announcements as many of these events, like Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods and the Oceana presentation are open to all who are interested.