Volume 74, Issue 25
April 18, 2003

Life, Love, and a Semi-Automatic features one-woman show, final show for spring semester

Danielle Porter

"I want to act for the rest of my life - and the show makes for a great audition tape I can use later," stated senior thespian Angel Copobianco.

Her performance thesis Life, Love, and a Semi-Automatic opens this weekend, April 18 and 19 at 8 p.m. in Tawes Theatre.

Senior Bridget McKevitt serves as the production's director. Reservations are needed due to staging constraints. Call the Tawes box office at 410-778-7835.

Copobianco has not been seen often on WC's stages and she intends to make an impression in her last year.

"I had a small part in one of Dale's NOFOH shows in my freshman year and two lines in Keeza's production of the The Fantasticks last year. I'm going up on that stage to show everyone what they've been missing."

The show features Copobianco in a variety of monologues she wrote herself. "There are a lot of characters from different places and different walks of life that make up my performance."

Copobianco chose her director in the fall: "When I saw Bridget's thesis (Edward Albee's Play About The Baby) in October, I knew she had to be my director. She's an incredible person to work with to bring the whole thing to life."

The thesis has been a long time in coming, but she has always known its direction.

"I know this is going to sound weird, but the title came before the script. I knew the mood I wanted for the show - Sometimes in life it gets to the point that you want to shoot people and things," she said with a smile.

Stage manager and senior Nedim Heto commented on working with the ladies: "It's a big fruit medley everyday, with whipped cream on top."

Copobianco talked about the dangers of a performance thesis based in monologues - you don't interact or react with anyone else and there is always a danger of messing up a line.

She explained, "It's like falling overboard; you have to recover quickly and swim or else you're gonna drown!"

McKevitt said, "Everyone has to come for the following reasons: it's the last performance of the year, the monologues run the gamut of human emotion, and you'll get to brag that you saw me direct and Angel perform before we were famous."

The audience will also enjoy themselves according to Heto, as he promised, "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll take off your bra!"

"And of course, it's free," McKevitt added.

Copobianco stated, "So, to sum up the show - life's a bitch and so am I."