Volume 78, Issue 1
September 8, 2006

Students Question Missing Handbooks

Administration Conserves Paper By Moving Online

Elm Staff Writer

When students collected their keys and signed their forms, one thing was noticeably missing: student handbooks.

How many people actually went around and honestly used the handbook? At least a few. Sophomore Nicole Bryant said, " I'm quite dissatisfied with lack of planners this year."

When asked if she had ever referred to the Handbook section Bryant replied, "I never used the handbook but I loved the planner."

Mela Dutka, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, explained the lack of handbooks was not intended to inconvenience students.

"Moving the student planner to the net will save money, paper, and it will be more accessible to students...it will also increase the likelihood that students will read it, [and] use it as needed."

This move by the administration comes at a time when WC has been advocating the George Goes Green campaign. It began last year in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

The student handbooks' move to the net was an idea in the works, and had been planned previously and not fulfilled. But as fate would have it, this year the press that prints the handbooks had significant editing problems. They argued that the handbook would never be finished in time for the fall semester.

After many consultations later WC administration decided to put the handbooks online immediately rather than wait for them to print.

Currently the handbook is online in PDF format at http://www.washcoll.edu/wc/current/. In the future the plan is to change the PDF into html format so it is more user friendly.