Volume 79, Issue 20
March 28, 2008

Next Year's Career Fair Will Include Conversational Skills

Elm Staff Writer

There is good news for graduating seniors looking for a future job. Jim Allison, the director of Career Development, said that the job market is in its prime due to the large amount of people retiring recently, and undergraduate hiring is up 16 percent more than last year.

Last week's Career Fair was sparked by the rising opportunities in the work force. This year the career fair was hosted jointly by the Career Center and SIFE, or Students in Free Enterprise, and was very different from past years.

Allison reported that the fair hosted 30 more businesses than years before and featured companies from Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Annapolis.

The companies at the fair could also provide connections to other desired locations, as available.

Besides more employers at the fair, there was also much more participation and support from faculty. The event was also better advertised than in previous years.

President Brenda Lucas and New Member Educator and Project Manager Sandy Ropelewski said that SIFE's main goals are to promote entrepreneurship through market economics, success skills, financial literacy, and business ethics.

Besides the Career Fair, SIFE also hosts the Career Expo and investment and credit seminars.

When asked if they thought the career fair was a success, Ropelewski and Lucas said, "Most definitely! The employers were very impressed by both the organization of the Career Fair, but also by the caliber of students who attended.

Over 220 students attended the Career Fair this year which is a significant increase from past years."

Even though there has been a vast improvement in both the organization and number of businesses attending the career fair, there are still improvements to be made.

Allison said that one important thing to work on next year on the behalf of the Career Center is to have programs that prepare students for what to say to employers.

Ropelewski and Lucas said that the goal of SIFE is to continue to expand and widen the variety of employers and businesses that attend the Career Fair.

They consider it very important that students know that the Career Fair is for all students and majors, not only business majors.