Volume 80, Issue 1
September 5, 2008

Latin Class Returns to WC After Fifty Year Absence

By Catherine Crampton

Elm Staff Writer

Due to student interest, Washington College is now offering Latin 101.

Because of the high demand the course has already been closed for this semester.

The course is being taught by Dr. Philip Walsh, who studied at both William and Mary and Brown University. This will be Dr. Walsh's first semester teaching at Washington College and according to him, the Latin class has been very well received.

Said Walsh, "On the first day, 29 students showed up and I was very disappointed to have to turn seven of them away because there simply wasn't enough room in the class. [The class] was actually a very good mix of freshmen, upperclassmen and international students."

Walsh also said that to the best of his knowledge the last time a Latin class was offered at Washington College was in the spring semester of 1958.

Foreign language department chair Pamela Pears, said, "We were actually really lucky with the Latin class. Students had been showing an interest for a few years, but we never had anyone to teach the class. It was just a wonderful coincidence that our new hire, Dr. Walsh, would be able to teach a course that so many students wanted to learn. Funding of course always plays a part, but it's mostly about what subjects the students want to learn."

Latin 102 will be offered in the spring for students wishing to continue on with the program. Dean of Students Christopher Ames said, "We offered Latin due to student interest and since it filled this fall, it is likely we will continue to offer it. However, that decision has not been made officially yet."

"It really is about student interest," says Dr. Pears. "If students want a course to be offered they must go before the Dean who will then hopefully be able to create a class with the department heads."

Dr. Walsh said that he hopes he will be able to continue teaching the course since so many students want to be involved with learning Latin.

"I really am happy to be here teaching this class, and I hope that it will continue, as well as encourage more students to seek out classic studies."