Volume 80, Issue 24
April 24, 2009

WAC Radio Making Waves on Air

By Colleen Duffy

Elm Staff Writer

WAC Radio, the new student run radio station hitting the online airwaves, hopes to expand its progamming with ideas such as politically charged chats and interviews with faculty.

After being inspired by Michael Buckley (who works in the CV Starr Center and for WRNR Annapolis), senior Chip Hiden, the tuning force of WAC Radio, pitched the idea to his Entrepreneurship Practices professor Dr. David Marshall ‘88.

“[Buckley] gave me the advice and encouragement to see the project through. The school has been extremely supportive of my efforts and I thank them with all of my heart,” said Hiden.

Marshall thought WAC radio was such a good idea that he helped fund the young radio station.

Other WC faculty members helped Chip get the station moving as well. The Office of Student Activities and Director of Student Activities jared halter helped turn room 4 in Gibson 100 into the official radio station.

Vince Knight and Cal Coursey from OIT helped with a lot of technological aspects for the station.

“My decision to create WAC Radio was based on a desire to create a fun and entertaining medium for the campus to unite. Many other colleges have radio stations and I thought Washington College should as well,” said Hiden.

Along with many other music-based interests, (including being the booking agent for local band The Took and key promoter for an annual music based charity festival called Chipapalooza), Hiden’s passion for music continues to produce amazing music based opportunities on campus.

WAC Radio is created through a company called Live365, which helps it run without slowing down the WC Internet.

WAC Radio currently features pop music in the morning, alternative rock in the early afternoon, indie music in the late afternoon, hip-hop music in the evenings, and a love-line advice program around 9 p.m. on most evenings.

“Students will be able to view the schedule, make requests, submit questions to love line, and learn more about the station online by clicking the WAC Radio link on washcoll.edu,” said Hiden.

The station ranges from an ethnic group of student DJ’s to talk shows and hopefully there will even be chats with faculty members and will expand to feature new artists!

“I love DJing for the station, it’s a lot of fun. I definitely want to do it next year! I would, however, like to see more advertising for the station around campus,” said freshman Andrew Wallace, who DJs indie music for WAC Radio.

There are tons of new ideas being pitched for the station.

There are even talks of a Metal vs. Indie show featuring freshman Doug Carter and sophomore Colleen Duffy.

“Some of our ideas for variety programming include: sports broadcasts, comedy shows, news, political talk shows, fireside chats with President Tipson, and interviews with staff and faculty,” said Hiden.

The Entrepreneurship Class will have stewardship over the station next year.

In the future they hope to sell advertising space on WAC radio and make it a profitable enterprise.

“We have already begun to offer advertising spots to many local businesses who have purchased spots in a WC Events Calendar that we are creating,” said Hiden.

“Mostly, I wanted to create WAC Radio because I thought it would get people excited and would make the campus a better place. I want to touch people’s lives in a small way with this station. I want WAC Radio to be a part of people’s memories and experience at Washington College,” said Hiden.