Volume 81, Issue 7
October 30, 2009

SIFE: The First Step to Success

By Andrew Antonio

WC SIFE Correspondent

Why Join SIFE?

Many of us students live in an undergraduate bubble we call “college.” What a wonderful bubble it is. We own and operate our own secluded fantasy society, often forgetting about the world around us and the obstacles awaiting us after graduation. I hate to let the secret out, but things change after graduation. Good-bye waking up at noon, hello real-world. Will you be ready when the world’s ready for you?

What if I told you it’s not too late to prepare yourself for what lies ahead? What if I introduced you to an organization dedicated to preparing its members for a successful career after college. Would you be interested? I was. So were fifty other students this year at Washington College.

The organization is commonly referred to as SIFE, or for those us who are “acronymically” challenged, Students in Free Enterprise. SIFE gives students the ability to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills necessary to become socially responsible business leaders. It intimately combines the satisfaction of helping others with a sense of self-achievement and growth.

SIFE students first learn, and then apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. The WC SIFE team is currently working on various projects, including “Shoes For Ghana,” the Charles Sumner Post #25 hall restoration project, the Career Expo, and many more. Students in SIFE are given a great deal of freedom in creating, preparing, and executing projects and business plans.

WC SIFE vice president junior Josh Tex described SIFE as “ a great developmental tool for understanding how projects work and how to go about planning and executing them.” The most valuable quality SIFE offers is undoubtedly its ability to train students in the art of business.

The current president of the Washington College SIFE team, junior Alketa Tanushi, described her experience by saying, “SIFE has helped me grow personally and professionally. I have gained confidence and knowledge, expanded my network, and learned more about what it takes to become a real professional.”

SIFE is a unique organization because of its resoundingly positive perception shared by employers around the world. To sum it up, Tanushi was once told by an anonymous SIFE speaker, “There are so many other organizations on campus that you might interested in, but SIFE is the only one that will get you that job.” Dozens of WC students have taken the first step to ensure their successful post-graduate careers. Don’t you think it’s time you should too? Join the real world. Join SIFE.

Remember to attend the Career Expo on Nov. 2nd at the Gibson Center Lobby. It’s your year.