Volume 81, Issue 11
Decmber 4, 2009

Meet the SGA: Akin Walker

By Andrew Antonio

SGA Correspondent

If you’re new to “Meet the SGA,” this column highlights a new SGA executive board member every week. Find out more about each member as he or she describe his or her policies, plans, and positions. For this week’s edition of “Meet the SGA,” we will be featuring Akin Walker, the current SGA Financial Controller. Akin is currently a senior at Washington College, double-majoring in Spanish and Business Management.

Q. Describe your role as Financial Controller of the SGA and the duties associated with the title.

A. As the Financial Controller I am the budget manager for all of the funds given to the SGA. It is my job to make sure that the funds are used to benefit the student body as a whole. I work closely with the Senate (specifically the Budget Committee) to allocate the monies distributed to the SGA via the student activities fee to all of the officially recognized student organizations on campus. Throughout the semester I advise student organizations on spending policies and answer any and all questions related to their respective budgets.

Q. What are some things you hope to achieve during your time as SGA Financial Controller?

A. The main thing that I would like to see happen by the end of this year is a general understanding of the process that the SGA undertakes when allocating funds to student organizations. At the beginning of this semester there was a lot of confusion about the specifics of the process. This is a huge problem because we want our student club leaders and advisors to know what to expect when we go through the budget cuts.

Q. As Financial Controller, how often do you collaborate with other members of the SGA executive board?

A. During the budgeting process I sat down with each and every one of the Executive Board members as we evaluated the budgets presented to us by the clubs that they represented. We also meet weekly to discuss issues on campus and progress that we have made with our respective positions. Aside from this our collaboration remains somewhat limited. There is definitely a lack of communication amongst us and it is something that should be addressed.

Q. What issues would you like to see the SGA pursue in the future?

A. In the future I would like to see the SGA play a more interactive role in providing educational initiatives that the school may benefit from. I feel as if the SGA’s role on campus has not reached its full potential. In regard to that statement, I feel as if the SGA should pursue more fund raising activities to support such initiatives. I think that we as an organization often forget that we are also a club and I believe that we should provide other services besides administering funds and approving amendments.

Q. Any final thoughts, comments or advice?

A. It has been a great semester and I have truly enjoyed serving the campus community through this position. I thank my committee for all of their hard work and I wish the next Financial Controller the best of luck.

Keep an eye out for next week’s installment of “Meet the SGA.” If you’d like to know more about how to get involved with the SGA, send any and all questions to Andrew Antonio at aantonio2@washcoll.edu. Make your voice count; get involved.