Volume 81, Issue 12
Decmber 11, 2009

Room for Opportunity: Coming to You This Spring

By Emily Kate Brown

Elm Staff Writer

Imagine a place not far from your cramped dorm or quaint off campus residence, filled with all kinds of people. Perhaps they want to meet you and offer you a job or internship. Imagine companies from all over Maryland in attendance. School districts, insurance companies, banks, branches of the military, and the Peace Corps.

Picture about seventy tables or so, all lined up, covered with colorful posterboard in the comfort of your own Cain gymnasium. Picture free pens and pencils and random, cheaply made trinkets all set out for you to grab, a few raffles with the chance to win $100 or so. Picture a kind of mall, but a mall of reality with close to 100 people all genuinely smarter than you, but somehow still interested in talking to you. Imagine extra credit for one of your classes, maybe. Perhaps a better way of spending your afternoon than video games or studying or sleeping. Imagine a room full of opportunity.

Depending on how many years you have been atWashington College, you may have missed out on this ideal situation zero to three times.

Every year, the Center for Career Development and SIFE put on this event, the Career Fair. Itís from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. this year, so students who get out of class at 2:20 p.m. on Wednesdays can attend. It is, in fact, in your best interest to attend because of all of the incredible opportunities it holds. The job market may not be the friendliest, and maybe you are afraid of rejection, so a room full of people who are only in attendance because they have jobs and information to offer should not be so scary. Put on that suit, print out a few resumes, and go this year. Donít need a job just yet? Go and talk to some people.

Get some experience networking and learn a little bit about what the job market is really like. Even if youíre not from Maryland, make connections that could be useful in your homestate as well. It couldnít be easier.